Express Engineering has been selected to produce a range of precision-engineered ‘Measurement While Drilling’ (MWD) and ‘Logging While Drilling’ (LWD) tools as part of new product development work for a leading international energy technology company.

The project sees dozens of highly complex, precision machined parts – some measuring up to six metres in length – engineered from a range of nickel alloys and non-magnetic chrome stainless steels. These are set to house the electronics used to deliver real time logging data for precise wellbore placement and well path control, even in the most demanding oil and gas exploration conditions.

The new work expands the range of turnkey solutions Express Engineering now provides to the global energy sector, particularly as it moves further into the development of new below-the-mudline products.

The contract was secured on the back of strong technical expertise and the capability to manufacture high specification and precision engineered parts, said Gary Thirlwell, managing director of Express Engineering.

He added: “We are increasingly developing products for all areas of oil and gas exploration and production, from the inter-surface arena to below-the-mud line operations. Our expanding offering is enabling us to bring forward more innovations and will see us involved in front-end projects in the global market for advanced, precision engineering solutions.”